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Miriam Laetitia Haag


Mirjam Laetitia Haag´s musical education began with violin and piano lessons. Since 2012, she has dedicated herself to organ with particular emphasis in organ improvisation. 

In 2019 she absolved her bachelors degree in Sacred Music at the Hochschule für Katholische Kirchenmusik (HfK) in Rottenburg am Neckar with distinction. Parallel to this she studied mathematics (University of Tübingen) and music education (HMDK Stuttgart). In March of 2020 she began a Master´s degree in Music at the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst (HMDK) in Stuttgart, currently studying both Music Education and Sacred Music. Her teachers include Prof. Helmut Deutsch, KMD Tobias Horn, KMD Markus Uhl, Prof. Heinrich Walther, Prof. Ruben Sturm, Prof. Johannes Mayr, Peter Schleicher and Prof. Jens Wollenschläger. 

In 2016, she attended Valparaiso University with a scholarship, where she studied with Dr. Lorraine Brugh and Dr. Joseph Bognar. She has undertaken private studies with Umberto Pineschi (Pistoia), Geoffrey Webber (Cambridge), Felipe López (Madrid) and Papal Organist Juan Paradell Solé (Rome). Master classes with Prof. Naji Hakim, Prof. Harald Vogel, Alastair Thompson and Guy Bovet have further enriched her studies.

In February 2022, she received an Erasmus Scholarship to study in Groningen, Netherlands where she studied organ improvisation with Prof. Sietze de Vries and organ literature with Prof. Erwin Wiersinga and Prof. Ben van Oosten. 

Since April 2020 she has held a position for sacred music at the Mauritiuskirche in Rommelshausen, Germany, where she regularly plays services and leads two choirs. 

In 2019 she was awarded the Pfleghof-Preis for Organ from the Musicology Institute Tübingen. She was a finalist of the Märkisches Stipendium 2020 and of the Ideenwettbewerb Stuttgart 2021. Since 2015, her studies in music and mathematics have been supported by the Hanns Seidel Stiftung. 

She is in strong demand for solo concerts and musical projects both throughout Germany, the Netherlands, Skandanavia, Israel, Italy, USA and in other countries. She has performed twice for the “Festival Internacional de Órgano Antiguo de Guanajuato” (Mexico). Her many interdisciplinary projects have included cooperation with live narration, dance, improvisation and other musical instruments. Her cooperation projects with the Swiss poet Max Feigenwinter, her sister and harpist Deborah Haag (HOPE: HarpOrganPoetryEvent) as well as the Ackermann-Stiftung deserve special recognition. Recordings of her projects, further information and her calendar of events can be found on this website.

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